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About Us

SHAHKARA has been carrying on its operations in the field of Foot Care and Medical Orthopedics launching products and services appropriate to the needs of industry, both in domestic and foreign markets, since its establishment in 2016.

Our services include more than 200 products, 40 of which are Foot Care products that have ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 International Quality Standards, with 5 registered trademarks for people from all areas of life striving to lead an active, healthy and happy life.

SHAHKARA is the sole distributor of the PEGAI insole products, the leading and innovative brand of high-quality shoe insoles, for the Military and Medical sector.

SHAHKARA target to work on new products and markets to accomplish its short and long term goals.

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Medical & Pharmacy Channel

We provide services to professionals and customers in the medical and pharmacy channel with silicone foot support products, foot and hand care cosmetics, and high-quality ergonomic insoles.

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Foot Health Clinics

We provide services to professionals and customers of foot health clinics with silicone foot health support products, foot health and care cosmetics, and high-quality pedicure instruments.

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Beauty Center & Saloon

We provide services to professionals and customers of Beauty centers and Saloon with foot health and care cosmetics and high-quality crutical nippers, scissors and other instruments.

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Military Equipment Channel

We are at the service of suppliers and soldiers with foot health and care products, high-quality ergonomic insoles, and military textile products.

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Cobbler Channel

We are at the service of Cobbler/shoe maker and customers with product related to foot & shoe care and high-quality ergonomic insoles.

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Foreign Trade (B2B)

We provide B2B services to different sectors, products include military textile equipment, medical hand tools, medical equipment, sports equipment, and other product groups to abroad based companies via import and export from other countries such as Pakistan, China, EU countries, U.S.A and other countries.

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